"Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen."

~Brené  Brown





Brand & May  is committed

to helping our clients find

new perspectives as they travel through life.


We will listen, we will hear you,

we will ask powerful questions,

and we will believe in you.


Our passion stems from helping people who have the courage to be honest and who are willing to consider change for the better. 


We assist those who want constant learning, growth, and renewed purpose in life.



Our transformational leadership coaching, strategic development and keynote speaking services can be customized to fit your needs.

We practice empathy, patience, and inspire introspection with our conversations to help you discover your strengths and the challenges you are facing.

Whether you're  just starting your trek or are well into your climb up the tree of success, let us lend you the proper tools and help guide you onto the right path.


Lauren Brand and Linda May

have worked with clients from

all walks of life - 

from the C-Suite to those starting their journey into the business world. 

Is your goal career driven? 

Are you looking to repurpose your life in retirement? 

Do  you want to grow, find your core values, and have a full-filling life?  


Let us help you find your way.

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Lauren and Linda care deeply about people, and have spent a lifetime working with and mentoring others.  Brand & May Transformational Coaching was born from a 35-year friendship.


We've shared births, deaths, lost loves, family crises and two beautiful marriages. Throughout it all we thought we knew each other – but have learned so much since embarking on this adventure into coaching together.


  We share a passion for coaching the next generation while helping others find their confidence and path in life. We live to see the light shine within someone who just found their "True North" and sharing that special “Ah-Ha” moment when a new opportunity is realized – that is what our mission is all about!

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