Coaching services may be arranged

with Lauren or Linda,

or with both of us.  

Special rates available for Veterans and

Non-Profit Organizations.

Flexible plans & pricing,

so we can customize one just for YOU!

Contact us to explore your best options today.

Business Meeting

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation can take up to 20 minutes and is free of charge.  Each session begins with you stating your goals or the issue(s) you would like to discuss. We then work together to find the right path forward for you by asking questions designed to help you find your best direction. At times, we may introduce or suggest the use of coaching tools to enhance the session.

Navigating in Woods

Changing Directions

“I need help turning my life around,

realigning my focus to

jump-start my progress

towards my goals.”

Tree Lined Path

New Journey

“I want to continue the progress I

am making on my journey

and to learn more about myself,

my strengths, my values,

and my passions.”

New Growth

“I want to look at all areas of

my life/career to change

my perspective,

make progress, and make a

commitment for a

sustained change.”

New Beginnings

Chess Board

Strategy Development

Lauren and/or Linda will facilitate

and work with you one-on-one

through a program created

for you by Brand and May. 

Female Lecturer

Keynote Speaker

Both Lauren and Linda are experienced speakers,

bringing their personal stories to a wide range of topics. 

 Contact us to see if we fit your needs.